How To Choose The Best Web Hosting (With Recommendations)!

First Things First, What Is Web Hosting?

You can think of web hosting as being like you renting an apartment for you to put of all of your stuff and live in. Your website has to live on a server online in order for people to access it and see all of the awesome things you’re about to create.

There are hundreds of companies who offer web hosting for around $6 – $29 a month that will more than be enough for what your website will need.

How Do I Know What Web Hosting To Get?

Most people using are building websites that will be perfectly fine using one of the less expensive hosting accounts since you probably won’t be getting millions of monthly visitors to your new website just yet.

And since a lot of our readers just want to know which hosting company to choose, here are the top hosting companies that we recommend and use for nearly all of our client’s websites (and our own):

Favorite For WordPress: WPEngine ($29 a month)

WPEngine : $29 a month for 1 website with up to 25,000 visitors a month.

A2 Hosting: