Hey Entrepreneur,

You’re about to embark on one of the most exciting, potentially rewarding adventures of your life. One that will allow your passions to thrive, your dreams to be fulfilled and that will hopefully give you the freedom and financial flexibility to do everything in life that you’ve always wanted to do!

I’ve designed StartupStud.com to help you identify and break through any roadblocks that may be preventing you from reaching your online business goals.

Whether you’re launching your first blog, are trying to make a few extra hundred dollars a month, or have a multi-billion dollar idea that will change all of mankind, I’m always available to answer any questions and to help point you in the right direction.

If you’re confused or need a quick answer, just shoot me a message to JC@StartupStud.com and let me know how I can help.

I love helping people reach their goals.

I’ve been working with startups and online businesses continually since 1998 and truly enjoy helping people to find their passions and then to earn money from an online business that is based around their talents and true interests.

And I’m not one of those people who is all talk and no experience.

I made over $1 Million blogging about partying in Vegas.

Afterward, I launched a number of other related businesses and eventually spent a couple of years going on adventures and traveling the world. You can read more about that here.

No matter what you’re working on — or what you will be working on, there are fundamental skills and practices that will make the difference between your success and failure.

There are things that will motivate you to dig deeper, to pursue knowing the things that you don’t yet know. And, most importantly, there is a path to bust through anything that is standing in your way and to build the 
momentum that will see you to reaching any goal you set for yourself.

You’ll find each of these things on StartupStud.com and, again, I’m always available by e-mail at JC@StartupStud.com to answer any additional questions you have. Hit me up, I’ll answer.

Always Be Moving,


Jack Colton